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AllCast to add audio/video splitting to Fire TV, use your smartphone as wireless headphones

Posted In NEWS - By DailyNews on Friday, May 2nd, 2014 With No Comments »

The idea of using a device as wireless headphones isn’t really anything new. Some Roku boxes have a headphone port on their remotes, allowing for a private viewing experience. The Xbox One has a similar deal with the stereo headset adapter, which I use frequently. And now, developer Koush has announced that his app AllCast will feature the same thing for the Fire TV.

The video demonstration shows a new button on the screen when streaming to an Amazon Fire TV box. This button will split the audio and video streams, sending only video to the display and sending audio to the smartphone. Plug headphones into the phone, and you have yourself wireless headphones and some privacy. It’s an awesome feature in my opinion, and will be coming “soon” to AllCast.

Unfortunately, Koush will not be bringing this feature to the Chromecast. He says that splitting audio streams isn’t possible on the little dongle. Some apps do mimic this feature, but there are sync issues and it has to stream the entire video and audio file to both devices, so it’s not ideal.

To check out how this feature works, watch the video below, and tell us, would you use such a feature? Leave a comment!

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