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Android TV set to launch at Google I/O

Posted In NEWS - By DailyNews on Friday, May 30th, 2014 With No Comments »

Google’s first attempt at taking over your living room with Google TV was, by all measures, a flop. Its follow-up, however, was the complete opposite. Chromecast has been an immense success, making it the streaming stick to own for Android, Chrome and iOS users. This June, we’ll find out if Google’s third attempt at taking over your living room will fall by the wayside like Google TV or if it’ll become a smash success like Chromecast.

Coming from GigaOm today, it’s being reported that multiple sources are corroborating rumors that Google will finally launch Android TV this June at Google I/O. First leaked back in April, Android TV features a sleek, slimmed down interface that’s centered around providing you content without having to hunt it down. The UI is referred to Pano internally, and if it pans out, it will change the way you browse for content on your TV. While Chromecast serves as a simple tool for getting content from your phone to your TV, Android TV will be a complete experience in itself.

Aside from content delivery and discovery, Android TV’s other main focus is gaming. There aren’t many details on how gaming will work on Android TV, but you have to imagine that Google has learned from Ouya’s mistakes and will produce something worthy of competing with Roku, Amazon’s Fire TV and the gaming-enabled Apple TV that’s been rumored for some time now.

If these rumors pan out, and there’s a very good chance they will, we’re just a month away from seeing the official reveal of Android TV. For a refresher on what Android TV will look like, check out our first post on the original Android TV leak.

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