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During Q1 2014, Motorola shipped 6.5 million devices

Posted In NEWS - By DailyNews on Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 With No Comments »

Motorola hasn’t exactly been the most successful Android manufacturer in the world. No, in the current market, Samsung dominates and everyone else is left picking up the crumbs. But we learned that Motorola isn’t doing too bad recently, as the company announced its shipment figures over Twitter. Not many companies do this, but it’s great to see how a company is doing in terms of sales.

Motorola has shipped 6.5 million devices in Q1 of 2014 globally. So while Samsung sells 10 million flagships in 30 days, Motorola can’t even boast such a number for the entirety of its sales in a whole quarter. But considering how few markets Motorola has released its new devices in, it’s not an unimpressive number.

With Lenovo having such a well known reputation outside of the US, the acquisition of Motorola could really help the company expand. I have hope that Motorola will succeed soon, because its products are simply phenomenal. We’ll see how well the next Moto X sells, and we’ll hope that it’s better than the last.

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