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Google Wallet app for Google Glass rumored to be undergoing testing

Posted In NEWS - By DailyNews on Monday, May 5th, 2014 With No Comments »

Google has steadily been adding new features to Google Glass ever since it kicked off its Explorer program in 2012, including wink photo capture functionality and support for sending photos in Hangouts. Today a new rumor has hinted at another feature that Google may have up its sleeve for Glass, and this one’s a biggie.

According to a source speaking to TechCrunch, Google is testing Google Wallet support for Google Glass. The feature will reportedly allow Glass wearers to send money to their friends just by saying “send money.” There’s no word on when this new glassware might be rolled out to non-Google employees.

As I said before, Google is always adding new features to Glass, and Wallet seems like a nice fit for the wearable device. The app would allow Glass wearers to easily send money to friends rather than having to hunt down an ATM or write out an IOU. And heck, I’m sure that Google would like to have as many Glass apps as possible when the public launch goes down, so the company is likely to add support for several of its services.

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