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How to display the birthdays of your contacts in Google Calendar Android

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If you have synchronized your contacts from your Gmail account you will have seen that from the web and from some devices you can enter the date of your birthday, but that this fact, by default it does not sync with Google Calendar stays.

Then we will see how to sync contacts birthdays in Google Calendar and how we have to have configured the application of our Android calendar to see from her or from the widget if it is the birthday of a friend.

Exporting birthdays to Google Calendar

As I said for now the date of birth of our contact Google is not automatically associated with Google calendar, we must say that this data is synchronized. So we must access the website Google Calendar, and the pull of Other Calendars select Export interesting calendars .

In the section “Interesting Calendars” we must go to the “More” section and subscribe to events and birthdays of contacts and we have synchronized our contacts birthdays in Google Calendar. We can look at the calendars to sync Google offers because it has some very interesting, such as holidays.

Synchronizing birthdays Android

Once you have done this and just left to go to the Calendar application on our Android and ensure that this visible and synchronized calendar events and birthdays of contacts in the Calendars section, at least in Android without customizing the Menu> More > Calendars.

The calendar will sync and display time and birthdays. If take long to show them we can force synchronization Management Applications> All and delete data storage on the calendar .

When you perform these steps only see the dates marked on the calendar, notifications will not reach us . If a birthday is very important and we do not want happens we will have to select it and add a reminder to pop us an alarm and notification.

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