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How to install Whatsapp: On your phone. Steps online here

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Android is and has been for quite a few years, one of the best platforms for current mobile operating system. It is full of new functions that facilitate the use of the phone by the user, such as easy access to social networking, news, and free communication. This latter area is especially famous for its price or, rather, the absence of price because it is free. The most successful program is Whatsapp, which lets you chat with your friends for free, whenever you are connected to a LAN or 3G network.The problem arises when we encounter the following problem: How do I install Whatsapp on my mobile? For this, you just have to follow these steps correctly followed, they will already know how to install Whatsapp. There are several ways to install Whatsapp, either by the market or by an installer package. In the first option we have to do to install Whatsapp on our mobile is go to the Market. This is a space that is preinstalled on the phone that allows you to download games and applications, free and paid, with a bid of millions of downloadable files. However, we will important, it’s how to install Whatsapp on our Android phone.


  1. We go to the search engine, the magnifying glass icon in the top right and in the box that appears, enter Whatsapp Messenger, which is the full name of the application. What we must do is click on it and we direct you to a window where the application description and a button that says FREE appear. Must click here and then click OK. Automatically, the file is downloaded and installed on your phone and you can enjoy Whatsapp Messenger. This would be one way how to install Whatsapp on our mobile.

  2. The second way to install Whatsapp Messenger on your mobile phone is using an installer package. This, unlike what is downloaded from Market, no installs itself, but should be run. This type of extension files are “.apk” and are available in any browser or other software downloads, as Applanet or Blackmart, which you download is the installer package. When we have it, just open it and click on install, wait, and it’s ready for use. This would be another possible way how to install Whatsapp on your phone.

    1. After you have installed it will only be necessary to conduct a small configuration, adding contacts, setting tones and flashing LED light and everything we want to adjust.If you followed these simple steps how to install our mobile application Android the Whatsapp Messenger is impossible any error, have the program installed perfectly.Now only you enjoy it.

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