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Multiple Google Now weather cards now show as one

Posted In NEWS - By DailyNews on Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 With No Comments »

Google Now has changed right under our noses, and most of us didn’t even notice. If you regularly have more than one weather card shown in Google Now (if you commute to a different city for work, for example), you may notice that the card looks a bit different now. Instead of showing multiple cards stacked on top of each other, hiding the weather for all but one, you’ll now see one card listing weather for each place.

This is a change Google made on the server side, so people should start seeing it without any sort of update. To access the forecast for these cities will require a tap, so it does have the unfortunate side effect of requiring an extra tap to see the forecast in the city you’re currently in (probably what you were looking for most of the time).

This change is now rolling out to everyone; our own Brooks now has it on his device already. However, it seems to be a slow rollout. We’re not sure if this change is a completely positive one, but we’d love your opinion on the matter. What do you think of this new weather card? Tell us in the comments!

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