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Nest Protect carbon monoxide detector now on Play Store for $99

Posted In NEWS - By DailyNews on Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 With No Comments »

Google may have purchased Nest, but the company has only been selling one product on the Play Store. The Nest thermostat is quite an amazing device, and definitely Google’s style (it leans based on your everyday actions), but Nest also has a second product out. The Nest Protect is a smart carbon monoxide detector, and it’s finally available in the Play Store.

This device, coming in both a wired and a battery powered variant, detects increased levels of carbon monoxide, or CO. Instead of just chirping, it speaks to you to inform you about rising or dangerous levels of CO in your home. Since CO is odorless and invisible, it helps to have the device explain to you what’s going on, where a smoke detector can beep and you’ll understand.

Another nifty feature is that when you turn your lights off, the Nest Protect will glow green, meaning it has enough battery power to last the night. This means you won’t be woken up by a low battery in the middle of the night. Pretty awesome, right?

You can get the Nest Protect on the Play Store for $99 right now, but don’t forget to choose between wired and battery powered depending on what suits your home best. We’re glad to see this device come to the Play Store, as CO alarms are very important. I have a dumb CO alarm in my own home. Will you be getting one? Leave a comment!

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