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OnePlus One production schedule revealed

Posted In NEWS - By DailyNews on Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 With No Comments »

Last week, OnePlus launched its “Smash the Past” program that lets users apply for the chance to smash their existing smartphone on camera and then buy a OnePlus One for $1. But what if you’re not exactly keen on destroying your current handset? Well today OnePlus shed some light on when you’ll be able to buy its flagship smartphone.

Right now, OnePlus says that it’s got 100 16GB Silk White One units ready for winners of its Smash the Past program. It plans to have a larger batch of white models available in May to cover the initial group of consumers that receive invitations to buy the OnePlus One.

Looking ahead to early June, OnePlus plans to have a larger batch of 64GB Sandstone Black units available for purchase. The company says that increased general availability will take place later in June and that, at that point, anyone that wants a One should be able to snag an invitation without much effort.

OnePlus previously said that the One would be available in Q2, and so it’s good to see that the company is working to stick to that release timeframe. Obviously it’s kind of a bummer that consumers that want a OnePlus One can’t simply buy one today, but it sounds like OnePlus is working to get production going full-steam as quickly as possible, especially when it comes to the larger-capacity Sandstone Black unit.

Are you interested in buying a OnePlus One? If so, would you buy a 16GB Silk White version or would you be willing to wait for a 64GB Sandstone Black version?

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