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OnePlus tweaks One production plans in effort to get 64GB model out earlier

Posted In NEWS - By DailyNews on Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 With No Comments »

Late last month, OnePlus shared an update on its production schedule for the One, giving interested consumers an idea of when they might be able to purchase the company’s flagship smartphone. Today OnePlus made a change to its plans, though, and its decision ought to please folks with large storage needs.

OnePlus now says that it has decided to push back production of the 16GB Silk White One so that it can produce the 64GB Sandstone Black model sooner. OnePlus had originally planned to get a large batch of the 16GB model out in mid to late May with the 64GB model to come in early June. Now those plans have changed, with the 64GB version expected to be available as early as late May.

While the $299 16GB OnePlus One is a pretty good smartphone deal, paying $50 to move up to the 64GB model seems like a no-brainer if you can spare the extra cash. That’s why it’s no surprise to see that demand for the 64GB OnePlus One is strong, and it’s nice that OnePlus is adjusting its production schedule to get the more capacious model out sooner. Of course, the fact that the invitation system is still intact means that not everyone will be able to buy that 64GB OnePlus One right away, but at least those lucky invitees will have a better chance at snagging a 64GB unit.

Are you thinking about buying a OnePlus One? If so, which model do you have your eye on?

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