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Put fancy superellipses on your home screen with the new Banded icon pack

Posted In NEWS - By DailyNews on Friday, May 9th, 2014 With No Comments »

Screenshot_2014-04-17-21-45-38_hxknexus520140417_214633Today is a great day. One of my favorite icon packs of late, Banded, by one of my favorite themers, Alex Miller (A Random Package), has been publicly released to help you to beautify your home screen. I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of Alex’s beta community on Google+ and have been using Banded for almost a month now.

I love icons. At first I was undecided how much I would like them, but after I began using them they quickly became my favorite. Interestingly, Alex used math to make these rad icons. I think it has to do with those fancy superellipses around the icons. Alex explains, “It all includes a bunch of boring math stuff like plugging different versions of the formula into Illustrator to get the shape just right. After that it was a simple matter of color decision and sizing things for the future.”

He will be releasing two versions of Banded: a hard charcoal and a soft, sandy off-white, both of which will be rendered at 192 pixels. I haven’t seen the black version yet, but the white version is great. I love how it matches the Nexus 5′s white notification and status bar icons as well as its soft navigation buttons. It makes the theme so uniform with white icons, and these ones fit the bill fantastically.

Screenshot_2014-05-08-09-26-35_quwnexus520140508_092655Banded currently has over 700 icons and comes with 6 great original wallpapers, one of which is featured in this post. Some of the wallpapers are made by other great artists who do some amazing stuff for Android, like Jacek Malinowski and Richard Colón. Alex has said that Banded will receive regular updates and that he “will even work in some Zooper skins and a WidgetLocker theme in the coming weeks.”

Alex is currently running a contest and will be giving away 10 copies of Banded. All you need to do is download the free demo from the Play Store and upload your home screen to Google+ with the hashtag “#Banded.” The full, paid version of Banded will cost a very reasonable $2.

Be sure to let us know what you think of the new set, and hey, you can even upload your home screens here so we that we can all see them, too.

View in Google Play

View in Google Play

Nexus 5 setup: Action Launcher, wlpapR wall (1st render) and Banded wall (2nd render), Banded icons, Zooper by Beard, nav keys by SoftKeyz Root

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