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Samsung to add biometric sensors to more devices, looking into iris detectors

Posted In NEWS - By DailyNews on Monday, May 19th, 2014 With No Comments »

Biometric sensors have been popping up more frequently in the past year than they ever have before, with flagship devices like the Apple iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S5 coming to market with integrated fingerprint scanners. Apparently Samsung sees this technology as a good way to beef up the security of its smartphones, as the company has said that it plans to integrate biometric tech into more of its hardware.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal, Samsung SVP Rhee In-jong revealed that his firm is working to add biometric sensors to more of its devices, including lower-end hardware.

“We’re looking at  various types of biometric [mechanisms] and one of things that everybody is looking at is iris detection,” the exec added. Just as with the current crop of smartphone fingerprint scanners, though, it’s expected that the first handsets to feature iris detectors will be on the higher-end of the spectrum.

As more and more consumers adopt smartphones and use them to store personal data related to banking, photos of family and more, security is becoming increasingly important. While using a biometric sensor on a smartphone isn’t exactly a new idea, the feature has experienced quite a push lately, which is likely thanks to both the increased adoption of smartphones as well as the desire of manufacturers to make their hardware stand out.

Are biometric sensors like fingerprint scanners and iris detectors going to play a role in your next smartphone purchase?

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