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Samsung users spend little time with company’s own apps

Posted In NEWS - By DailyNews on Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014 With No Comments »

Samsung is known for loading its phones up with custom apps like S Health, S Note, S Voice, ChatON and more. But do Galaxy owners actually use these apps? That’s what research firm Strategy Analytics set out to determine.

Based on data from more than 250 Galaxy S III and Galaxy S 4 owners that was gathered in March 2014, Strategy Analytics reports that users don’t spend much time with Samsung’s custom apps. Galaxy S III owners spent around 6.2 minutes in ChatON, Group Play, S Memo, S Voice, Samsung Apps, Samsung Hub and Samsung Link during the month of March, while Galaxy S 4 owners used the same apps for approximately 9.3 minutes.

The report also measured how much time Galaxy S III and S 4 users spent in accessing Google Play, Google Search and YouTube. The Galaxy S III owners spent approximately 217.6 minutes in those three apps, while Galaxy S 4 folk used them for around 228.9 minutes.

It’s no surprise that many of Samsung’s own apps don’t get much use from consumers. Galaxy owners likely either have alternatives to apps like ChatON that they prefer or they just don’t know about other preloaded apps. Meanwhile, Google apps like Search and YouTube get heavy usage because most everyone knows what they are and are accustomed to using them on their computer.

Did your smartphone or tablet come preloaded with any bloatware? If so, do you ever use any of those preloaded apps?

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