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Sunrise brings their gorgeous calendar app to Android

Posted In NEWS - By DailyNews on Thursday, May 29th, 2014 With No Comments »

There’s no shortage of calendar apps on Android, but not all of them possess the combination of good looks, a strong feature set and multiple account support. Thankfully, Sunrise Calendar is coming to the rescue.

First launched on iOS around a year ago, Sunrise Calendar is beautiful and has just about everything you could ask for in a calendar app. By connecting with all your different accounts, including Google, Facebook, iCloud and Exchange, and your contacts, Sunrise is the only calendar app you need for managing everything in your life. You can manage Facebook events from inside the app, view map directions, share meetings and events, set reminders and even view the weather for the morning, afternoon and evening.

Sunrise Calendar has been redesigned from the ground up to mesh beautifully with Android. There are two main views in Sunrise: the Agenda view gives you a rundown of the day complete with photos, color coded icons, a quick date selection area near the top of the screen and weather information for accurate planning. Meanwhile, the 3-day view shows you 3 days at a time using colored blocks to represent scheduled events. There’s a matching Sunrise widget, and the app’s notifications include rich actions for sharing and obtaining information on the fly.

I’ve been using Sunrise Calendar on iOS since the app first launched, and now that a robust Chrome app and website for Sunrise have also launched, I’m glad to say that I won’t need to use any other calendar apps no matter what platform I’m using. I highly recommend you check out Sunrise Calendar for Android today.

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