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Twitter update brings mute feature to official Android app

Posted In NEWS - By DailyNews on Monday, May 12th, 2014 With No Comments »

Use the official Twitter app on your Android device or on the web? If so, Twitter has announced that it’s got a new feature for you to check out.

Twitter today said that it’s added a new mute feature to its Android app as well as to When you mute a user, his or her tweets and retweets will no longer show up in your timeline, and you’ll stop receiving notifications related to that user. Twitter says that users that you’ve muted won’t know that they’ve been muted, but that those users will still be able to fave, reply to and retweet your tweets.

In order to mute a user, simply tap the “More” button and then select the mute function. You can also mute a user from his or her profile page by tapping the gear icon and selecting the mute function.

Third-party apps have had support for this mute feature for some time, so it’s nice to see the official Twitter app get it as well. Mute could come in handy if you want to block a user during a specific event but don’t want to unfollow him or her completely, like during a TV show in which you want to avoid spoilers.

Do you use the official Twitter app or do you prefer a third-party app for your tweeting needs?

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